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USS Hornet Museum

USS Hornet, CV/CVA/CVS-12

The Navy has donated the HORNET to the Aircraft Carrier HORNET Foundation for use as a museum. She is currently moored at ex-NAS Alameda (now Alameda Point) pier 3, and is open to the public for tours.

The Essex-class carrier USS Hornet is the eighth and most distinguished namesake in a long line of U.S. Navy warships with proud naval histories, beginning with the first Hornet in 1775. The second Hornet took the Marines "to the shores of Tripoli" in 1805. The third Hornet sank the British warships Peacock and Penguin in the War of 1812. The seventh Hornet (CV-8) took the Doolittle Raiders to Tokyo, helped with the Battle of Midway, and was sunk on 27 October 1942 defending Guadalcanal in the Battle of Santa Cruz.

The eighth Hornet (CV-12) was a 27,100-ton Essex class aircraft carrier built at Newport News, Virginia. Commissioned in November 1943, she left the Atlantic in February 1944 to join the war against Japan. Her extraordinary combat record included:

USS Hornet is a National Historic Landmark and a State Historical Landmark. The ship is located on the east side of San Francisco Bay.